What's the problem?

Every problem like corruption and bureaucracy and mismanagement and out of control growth and arrogance stems from that one cancer - isolation: the richest 8 counties in the nation, the bubble. 


The time is now!

C. Edmund Wright

There is no single problem with our system of government bigger and more corrosive than it's isolation from the governed.

What's the solution?


This is THE BEST citizen legislator idea, period. We believe the Founders would have set it up this way from the start had the technologies existed. Sure, there are times that the Legislature needs to meet face to face. But most of the time, their work can be accomplished better, faster, and with less interference by using modern technologies to allow them to work from their home districts.

Inspired by Anthony Weiner's episode: if a Congressional career can be killed in three seconds across 3 thousand miles, then this job can be done with new technologies - that are actually quite pedestrian now.